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October 17, 2023 – Minutes

Butler Middle School
School Community Council

October 17th, 2023
Main Office Conference Room, 3:30 PM

BMS Mission Statement

The mission of Butler Middle School is to foster rights, respect, and responsibility in a supportive school community that ensures all students achieve high levels of learning.

  • Bryan Rudes (S)
  • Genny Poll (S)
  • Jenny Baker (S)
  • Andrew Otto (S)
  • Christopher Gunther
  • Lori Carter 
  • Meagan Heaton
  • Summer Gallegos (4)
  • Ladena Saxey (S)
  • Emily W
  • Crystal Gover
  • Rebecca Shepherd
  • Marci Cardon
  • Sara Vranes (2)

Goals for Butler Middle School’s TSSP 2023-2024

Attendance Goal: 
In the 2023-2024 school year, BMS will aim to have 80% of our students on track each quarter with attendance in all grades and student groups.  We define on track as students missing less than 10% (green and yellow).

Behaviors Goal:  
Behavior – 85% of students will report feeling connected to school on a targeted school climate survey. We will average the last 3 data questions related specifically to connectedness from the survey.

Coursework: MI (Math) Goal: 
75% of our students will be proficient or advanced on the Spring 2023 Math Inventory (MI). 
5% or less in Below Basic and 20% or less in Basic in each grade level by the end of the school year.
75% of our SWD, ELLs, and students in the Below Basic level will grow at least 50 points or one level in the January and April testing windows.

Coursework: RI (Reading) Goal: 
80% of our students will be proficient or advanced on the Spring 2023 Reading Inventory (RI).
5% or less in Below Basic and 15% or less in Basic in each grade level by the end of the school year. 
80% of our Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners, and students in the Below Basic level will grow at least 50 points or one level in the January and April testing windows.

  • Welcome – Introductions  (2 minutes)
  • September Minutes Approval:

Tyson Grover motioned to approve the minutes, Sarah Vranes seconded and the Vote was all in favor.

  • Digital Citizenship (20 minutes – Jen Van Haaften)

The purpose of Digital Citizenship Week is to teach students how to properly interact online.  

Social Media is locked down at the middle school level, YouTube was recently included in the block. 

LandSchool is the program teachers use to monitor students’ online activity. 

We use Content Keeper to report/notify admin of any inappropriate search. Admin will discuss the issue with the student and possibly the parents depending on the severity. 

Possibly look at a full week for Digital citizenship week instead of fall break, 3 days.  

  • School Safety (20 minutes – Scott Dwyer)

Safe walking routes, safe walking routes map and bus loading zones map;

Number one concern: changing area east of Wasatch Blvd to be deemed a hazard

Current concerns- Wasatch Blvd was deemed a hazard but is no longer for 7th/8th grade. 

Ask the city again to add flashing red lights at crosswalks.

Brighton roundabout concerns.

We will purchase Light up stop signs for the crossing guards on 2700 S.

We will contact Mountain States Memorial about adjusting the sprinkler times around school startup; students are walking in the road to avoid getting wet from the sprinklers.

New “Drill” definitions, protocols; 

Hold – something happened in the building we do not want kids in the hallway. NOT a threat. Could be a hallway issue or a whole school is

Secure – Outside threat, something happened in the neighborhood, ALL Doors are locked including the Front Doors, Business as usual in the building, class continues. All outside activities will continue inside. The Rec Center will follow the same protocol as us. Students at the rec center would stay until the threat is lifted. 

Lock Down – Inside threat, students are ushered into the nearest classroom, classroom doors are locked and students and teacher will hide. Lunch time kids that are outside would be taken to a secure location. Lunchroom and or class passing time students would again be ushered into the closest classroom. 

Evacuation – ie. Fire. If the threat is during lunch students would report to their 4th period teacher at the meet up location/back field.

Shelter In Place – refers to the weather; ie. earthquake.

Volunteers:  School safety Protocol requires ALL volunteers to go through a background check, we will turn volunteers away if they have not finished the process. 

  • TSSP/Data Review (5 minutes – Bryan Rudes)

Reviewed MI/RI data and Connectedness Survey data

  • PBIS Rewards (5 minutes – Bryan Rudes)

Store purchases have changed from order online/delivery to a physical store during lunch

Items have been divided into thirds to support all 3 lunches/grades.

We are looking into ways for parents to donate directly to the PBIS store funds.

QR Code in the Bruin Bite, Member Hub through PTSA… 

PTSA has allocated $3,000.00 for store items.

Tuesday – A lunch/8th gr, Wednesday – B lunch/6th gr and Thursday – C lunch/7th gr.

  • Upcoming Events (5 minutes – Bryan Rudes)
    1. Fall Break; 10/19-20
    2. Teacher Work Day / No Students – Monday 10/23
    3. Red Ribbon Week; 10/24-27
    4. Halloween Dress up; Tuesday 10/31 (costumes must follow Dress code and NO full face paint, Bryan will add a reminder in the Bruin Bite) 


  • Other

Lori Carter motioned to adjourn the meeting

Christopher Gunther seconded the motion

  • *November 14 
  • January 16
  • February 20
  • March 19
  • March 26 (if needed)
  • April 16
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