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The Main Entrance doors open at 7:00 AM, with the vestibule doors opening at 7:20. Students are directed the cafeteria. The hallways and bus doors open at 7:30. There is a warning bell at 7:50, and classes begin at 7:55. On Fridays, the Main Entrance doors still open at 7:00 AM; students are directed to the cafeteria for a supervised study hall. The building and other doors open at 9:15 on Fridays. On Fridays the warning bell will ring at 9:25 and classes begin at 9:30. School ends at 2:50 every day.

On a daily basis, students will attend 6 class periods. Class periods are 58 minutes Monday-Thursday and 43 minutes on Friday.  

All classes are 58 minutes Monday-Thursday and 44 minutes on Friday.

Students have five (5) minutes between classes.

Students have 8 classes. Four (4) core classes meet every day. Core classes are: English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. All other classes meet every other day on the A/B schedule. Classes run throughout the entire school year.

Yes, BMS (and all district middle schools) has an A/B day schedule. Students have periods 1-6 on A days and periods 1-6 on B-Days. Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science will all be taught everyday. For example you might have Language Arts both A and B days during 2nd period. The classes that change on the A/B schedule will be elective classes such as CTE, Reading, World Language, Music, Drama, Tech, etc. So, during 3rd period on A day you could have Spanish and then on B day during 3rd you might have drama.

All Canyons District middle schools have 4 grading periods throughout the school year.

All classes run throughout the school year. Classes will meet either every day (English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies) or every other day on the A/B schedule.

BMS is organized around teaming. Grade level teams are comprised of 4 teachers and approximately 150 students. The four teachers are the core teachers of English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. These 4 teachers have the same 150 students.   Team classes are located together in the grade level classroom hallways. This allows for our teachers to better focus their efforts on meeting student needs and to create small learning communities in our school. It also allows for students to have the majority of their day in a grade level hallway.

Lunches are based on the 4th period class.   Students have a 30-minute lunch time. We have all 6th grade students assigned to A Lunch and some 7th graders. Most of our 8th graders and some 7th graders assigned to B Lunch.

Each student is assigned a lunch number and account. This is the student school ID number. Students can deposit money in their account in the Main Office at any time. Parents can deposit money through online registration and or through the PayPAMS system. There is a link to this on our school website. Students then just enter their lunch number in the cafeteria to access the money in their account at lunch. Help is available in the cafeteria if a student forgets his or her lunch number.  Butler Middle School also has a breakfast program.

The Main Lunch entree can be found at the lunch menu link on our website. In addition to the main entree line, which serves a different hot lunch item every day, pizza, sandwich bar, and baked potatoes and salads are available every day. The “a la carte” line is also available daily, offering chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, mini corn dogs, ice cream, and fries. Butler Middle’s cafeteria also offers breakfast, including delicious rolls, oatmeal, cereal, eggs, juice, and toast.

No.  There are no vending machines.

Lockers are assigned randomly by grade level. Grade level lockers are near each grade level academic wing. There are upper and lower lockers. If there are problems with a locker, please contact the Main Office. If you need to request a different locker, please speak with Main Office.

Middle schools in Canyons District sponsor 3 competitive sports events: cross country (September), 3-on-3 basketball (March), and co-ed soccer (April). We also sponsor a Chess tournament in January. Salt Lake County Recreation sponsors 8th grade competitive basketball teams for boy and girls.

A map is provided to every student in their student planner which will be handed out in a student’s first period class, and maps are always available in any of the offices.  We encourage new students to spend a few minutes getting to know the school at orientation.  In addition, the building is open in August on weekdays from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Students (and their parents) are welcome to check in with the Main Office and visit the school to find their classes anytime during those hours.

A new copy of student schedules can be obtained through the Counseling Center.

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