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Attendance Policy

School attendance is mandated by the Utah Compulsory Attendance Law 53A-11-101. Accordingly, students are expected to be in class and attend school-sponsored activities unless officially excused. Consistent attendance is vital to academic success, and students who are not in class have serious difficulty passing. Frequent absence disrupts the educational process and reduces chances for interaction with teachers and peers, classroom participation, learning experiences, and other valuable opportunities. Once lost, many of these benefits cannot be regained. 

Attendance Responsibilities

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:
•    Ensure that student attends regularly and is on time.
•    Notify attendance office in case of legitimate absence.
•    Notify attendance office prior to student being checked out.
•    Provide notes from a physician when absences are medically related.

Student Responsibilities:

•    Be in school regularly and on time.
•    Arrive to classes on time.
•    Collect work missed during absence.
•    Obtain a check-out slip if leaving school early.

School Responsibilities:

•    Verify and record daily attendance in each class.
•    Notify parents if attendance is irregular or if there are excessive unexcused absences.
•    Develop procedures and guidelines that promote good attendance.
•    Intervene when absences become excessive.


There are times when a student cannot attend school.  Reasons for excused absences include illness, medical appointments, family wedding, death of family member or other close friend, family emergencies, family activity (Educational Leave), or court appearance.

When a student is absent from school for one or more periods, a parent or guardian must call the school on the day of the absence stating the reason and duration. We encourage parents to call the Attendance Office at 801-826-6810.

The Compulsory Education law stipulates parents/guardian may excuse up to 10 school days in any given year. 

All absences beyond 10 days MUST be excused by a doctor’s note or documentation of a family emergency. If a student will be out of town for three days or more, an Educational Leave form must be completed at least five days prior to the absence. Educational Leave is granted for a maximum of ten days per student per school year.

The school utilizes an automated calling machine to notify parents of absences.  In addition, all absences are recorded on the Skyward Student system.  Parents/guardians and students can access attendance and check academic progress by going to the Butler Middle School webpage and clicking on the Skyward Student link. 


Students who arrive at school after 8:05 A.M. must check in at the Attendance window. An excused tardy (or absence) will be recorded if the student has a signed and dated note from a parent. If a student does not have a note, an unexcused absence/tardy will be recorded for the class periods missed prior to checking in to school. Parents may excuse four late-morning check-ins per quarter. After four late check-ins, students will be counted tardy or unexcused.


When it is necessary for a student to leave school during the regular school day, the student must report to the Attendance window before 7:55 A.M. The student must provide a note, signed by a parent or guardian, stating the date and time the student is to check out and a phone number where a responsible person may be contacted to verify the reason for the check out. Except in cases of emergency, students are not allowed to use school phones to check out of school. Before the student leaves the school, a parent or guardian must come to the Attendance window with a photo ID to check the student out. Students checking out to participate in school-sponsored events or athletic activities sanctioned by the Utah High School Athletics Association will be granted excused absences for the purpose of their participation.


All middle schools in Canyons School District operate under a “closed campus” policy. Students are to remain on campus throughout the school day unless they have been properly checked out of school according to the procedures outlined in this policy.

Students are considered truant for the following reasons:

  • being absent from school for any portion of the school day (including lunch) without the consent of a parent, guardian, or school official;
  • leaving school without properly checking out through the attendance office; obtaining permission to go to a certain place but not reporting there; arriving more than 10 minutes late for a class;
  • leaving class without permission; or being consistently tardy to class. 


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