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The Bruin Bite – 5 February


Thank you for your help with the masks.  We saw a marked improvement with our students this week.  I appreciate your time and willingness to assist us.  

Morning/Afternoon Pick up/Drop off – We need your help.  Please remember that it takes all of us doing our part to make the drop off run safely.  And safely is our goal.  

  1. Please work with your student for a 5 second drop off.  When you are stopped for 30 seconds while talking about things or packing up a bag, it interrupts and halts the drop off lane.  If you need additional time, please park. Have your student gather items.  Then walk along the parked cars to a crosswalk.   
  2. Speed–the speed limit is 10 miles an hour both before and after you have dropped off your child.  We are concerned with the number of cars that speed away much faster than 10 mph.  Remember our goal is that everyone is safe.  Including other people and students not in your car. 
  3. All drop offs should be from the right side of the car so your child steps out of your car and onto the walkway in front of the school.  Do not risk your child’s safety by having them step out into the traffic.  
  4. The red bus zone on the South side of the school IS NOT a pick up/drop off area.  Please DO NOT pick up/drop off your child in this area.  It is unsafe to stop and let your child off to cross traffic and then flip a U-Turn.  It is also unsafe to flip a U-Turn and drop your child off in the bus zone.  
  5. Your help in this area is greatly appreciated.  We know that on snowy or rainy days there is a lot of traffic.  Please plan on this and take your time.  
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Honors Request Forms

Please click on the following links to access the forms needed to request placement in ELA or Math classes for the 2021-2022 school year.

The Bruin Bite — 22 January


We made it through the first week of 3rd Quarter.  We welcomed 50 students to “In Person” Learning.  Some were online learners and some are new to Butler.  Currently we have 136 students in online classes.  Many of those students attend an elective or two in person.   It is so fun to see more kiddo’s learning here at the school. We love having our students in person. We cannot wait for the the day when everyone is back. The weather has been chilly all week and it looks like we will be getting a storm this weekend.  Please be careful as you drive around.

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