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Bruin Bite — 20 November


We made it through another GREAT week!  The weather was so nice.  A little windy one day, but beautiful.  I love Fall!  Each year our Student Body Officers put together “Spirit Week” and our GREAT Bruins did not disappoint.  Our student body really showed their school spirit dressing up as movie/book characters, disney characters, and retro.  What a fun week it has been.  Monday is school colors and Tuesday we will finish up with pajama day. We won’t be sending an Bruin Bite next week, so Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you have a lovely time with your family and continue to hope for your safety and health.  

Safety Update:  I have had a few parents ask about positive COVID cases at BMS.  The district posts this information on the District Dashboard.   We continue to remain in the 1-5 range.  I want to express my gratitude for your efforts at home.  While the dashboard says that we have 5 students quarantined, we have several parents who have proactively kept their children home after a positive exposure.  BMS remains in person with some of the lowest rates because of the care you are taking in your homes and the support you give to us as we work with your children to be safe at school.  Thank you!  Your efforts at home and ours at school have made a difference in our COVID dashboard numbers.  As we move into the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, please continue to take care:  

  • Wear a face mask anytime you are around people with whom you don’t live.
  • Maintain physical distance from those who aren’t in your household.
  • Practice good hand-washing hygiene (use alcohol-based hand sanitizer if you don’t have access to soap and water).
  • Stay home when you: are sick, have symptoms of COVID, have tested positive for COVID, or have been placed on quarantine.
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The Bruin Bite — 12 November


This week started out with news from the Governor’s office which prompted us to send a Skylert Monday afternoon.  We did cancel after school activities through the Thanksgiving Recess.  We are hopeful that we can resume on November 30th.  We appreciate your help and care.  We have had several families who due to a social exposure or an ill family member have self-quarantined.  Thank you for helping to keep our school safe.  We truly  appreciate your efforts and hope that your family and loved ones and all members of the Butler Family will be healthy and safe through this pandemic.  Let’s all do our part!  

This week I had two parents email us about the good things they had noticed (THANK YOU).  This made me stop and reflect.  Sometimes we get so caught up in the challenges of the day, we forget to notice the good things that are happening.  I know that our teachers and our staff are working so hard to have supports in place for student learning–whether in person, online, or in quarantine.  Our admin team is working hard to support our teachers and students and oversee all the new structures and expectations and make that understandable to our staff and students.  Our students are trying to manage learning in a more virtual and evolving environment.  And parents–I don’t know how you are managing your work, personal, and family stresses.  Everyone is really trying.  And we all may be dropping some things.  This is a season of learning patience and perseverance for all of us.  Anyway, I appreciate those who have reached out to offer appreciate and support as we have faced the impacts of this pandemic.  You should know I believe you are doing amazing things in your home.  So, if you are feeling a bit unappreciated or overwhelmed, please take a moment to watch this video.  You are doing a good job!   Alicia Keys – Good Job | Cover by One Voice Children’s Choir | A Tribute to Covid-19 Heroes 

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October 21, 2020 — Minutes

School Community Council

October 21, 2020
Main Office Conference Room, 3:30 PM

BMS Mission Statement
The mission of Butler Middle School is to foster rights, respect, and responsibility in a supportive school community that ensures all students achieve high levels of learning.

  • Denise White—Chair (2)
  • Honor Steele—Vice Chair (1)
  • Paula Logan (S)
  • Sara Allen (S)
  • Tatiana Grant (S)
  • Inga Plucinski-Holbrook (1)
  • Lori Carter (1)
  • Micah Baker (1)
  • Debbie Durtschi (1)
  • Chris Coutts (2)
  • Doug Draughan (2)
  • Monica Meyer (2)
  • Summer Gallegos (2)
  • Carole Sobrio (S)
  • Ladena Saxey –Secretary

Goals for Butler Middle School’s CSIP 2020-2021

Attendance Goal:
In the 2020-2021 school year, BMS will aim to have 85% of our students on track each quarter with attendance in all grades and student groups.  We define on track as students missing less than 10% (green and yellow).

Behaviors Goal:  
Behavior – 85% of students will report feeling connected to school on targeted school climate survey. We will average the last 3 data questions related specifically to connectedness from the survey.

Coursework: MI (Math) Goal:
75% of our students will be proficient or advanced on the Spring 2021 Math Inventory (MI). 
5% or less in Below Basic and 20% or less in Basic in each grade level by the end of the school year.
75% of our SWD, ELLs, and students in the Below Basic level will grow at least 50 points or one level in the January and April testing windows.

Coursework: RI (Reading) Goal:
80% of our students will be proficient or advanced on the Spring 2021 Reading Inventory (RI).
5% or less in Below Basic and 15% or less in Basic in each grade level by the end of the school year. 
80% of our Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners, and students in the Below Basic level will grow at least 50 points or one level in the January and April testing windows.

  1. Welcome – Introductions (Denise)
  1. Bylaws and Meeting Minutes Approval (Denise)
  • Bylaws: Doug Draughan made a motion to approve the bylaws as they stand, Inga Plucinski-Holbrook 2nd the motion, all in favor.
  • September Meeting Minutes: Inga Plucinski-Holbrook made a motion to approve the minutes, Paula Logan 2nd the motion, all in favor.
  1. Update on District Training (Denise)


  1. Digital Citizenship (Jen Van Haaften)—Moved to November
    • Netsmatsz digital safety presentation – November
  1. School Safety—District Report/School Report (Sara)
  • Reunification paln: If students need to evacuate we would first use the back field, if that is not safe we would then move students to either Brighton High, The City Office Building and or the Church Parking lot across from the city building to wait for parent pick up.
  • We have limited visitors to the front entry where they are screened before entering further into the building.
  • Students riding the bus have assigned seats and must wear a mask.
  • We have closed the North and South parking lots to allow for student line up before school. This has created a bit of congestion in the drop off area. We have more staff and admin out to help with the flow and safety.
  • Cell phone policy – no phones allowed. We introduced a strict no phone rule last year, it was huge success and has carried over nicely this year. The students are more engaged and there are fewer discipline issues related to phones and bullying.
  • Teachers will be working on the Who Do You Know activity this Friday. Our #1 concern is the Mental and Emotional health of our students
  1. Review PBIS Rewards (Sara)
  • Students earn digital points rather than the paper Bruin Bucks we have used in the past. These points can be used at the school store. 1 point = $0.25
    • Store hours: M-F 4:00 – 8:00 pm and weekends.
  • Some teachers have class stores as well were points can be used.
  • PTSA and BMS have each allotted $5,000 for store items = $10,000. We are working on purchasing some bigger ticket items, donations would be greatly appreciated.
  • Access to points and the store items are a concern for Quarantine and On-Line kids. We will look into ways to better include them in the future, any ideas are welcome.
  • Current points given by grade: 6th grade – 45,000, 7th grade – 52,000 and 8th grade – 37,000.
  1. Update Return to School Plan (Paula)
    • Online/In-person, we have about 170 students on-line. At the quarter end we have 25 that are coming back to in-person and 18 that will switch to on-line.
    • We are working on a plan for more synchronicity between on-line, in-person and quarantine students.
  1. Data Review (Paula)
  • Attendance, we have switch to work completion due to quarantine issues and the difficulty and inconsistency of on-line student attendance tracking. We are still working on a way to better track and reward the on-line students to help make them feel more included.
  • We had 39 office referals in October and 31 in Septemeber.
  • School Connectedness, we had 662 students participate in the survey.
    • 88% know an adult they feel they can talk to
    • 98% feel successful in school
    • 77% like school
  • Reading Inventory – 795 students took the test with 71% at advanced
    • All 3 grades had 22 students in the Below Basic range. Most of them are either ELA students (English Learner/English as a second language) or have an IEP.
  • Math Inventory – This number was much lower at 24% proficient or above basic.
    • We have grade level Math Help Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Math 180
    • Math Lab classes – 6th grade 108 students with Mrs. Schneggenerger, Mrs. Clyde has 78 – 7th graders and 83 – 8th
  1. Review of 2019-2020 Land Trust Final Report (Paula)
  • Report is not ready from the state yet.
  1. Review of 2020-2021 Land Trust and TSSP Plans (Paula)
  • Attendance – $20,000
    • Quarterly Post Cards
    • Build A Bruin
    • Golden Bruin
    • Bruins Den Supplies – treats/snacks
    • Instructional Support Aide
  • Behavior – $98,000
    • Second Step (3rd year)
    • ½ the Salary for a Social Worker – Lily Ferreira
    • Great Bruin PBIS store
    • Salary for MTSS Aide – Becca Fryer
  • Course Work
    • Reading – $92,000
  • Teacher pay for Bruins Den
  • Read 180 licenses
  • Teacher Professional Development
  • Explicit Vocabulary Instruction – Professional Development
  • MTSS Aide to help in classrooms – Stephanie Day (McDonald)
  • Substitute Pay for Data Collection days
  • Support Aide – Jodi Davis
  • Math – $43,000
    • After School Math Help
    • Math 180 licenses
    • Illustrative Math Consumables (9 math workbooks)
    • Substitute Pay for Data Collection days
  1. Upcoming Calendar Events (Sara)
  • 10/20 – Book Club zoom meet with Author Jennifer Nelson was a success.
    • We had 70 kids participate.
  • 10/23 – End of 1st Quarter
  • 10/28 – Golden Bruin Activity – National Chocolate Day
  • 10/29 – Halloween Costumes (face masks still required)
  • 11/6 – Shelter in Place Drill
  • 11/11 – Veterans Day Activity
  • 11/16 – Spirit Week

Next Meeting: November 18

Meetings at 3:30—in person or through google meets

  • November 18
  • January 20
  • February 17
  • March 17
  • April 21


             Outbreak Criteria

Outbreaks can happen in one area (like a classroom) or extend more widely (like a school or district)

  • 1 case in a classroom is not considered an outbreak
    • Only individuals who were in close contact will be notified and required to quarantine at home for the designated 14 days
  • 2 cases in a classroom within a 2 week or 14-day period puts a classroom on alert for heightened awareness
    • We will notify the students and parents within the class of the situation and ask them to take extra precautions and remind them to stay home if feeling sick
    • Enhanced cleaning will take place during this time
  • 3 cases in a classroom within a 2 week or 14-day period is considered an outbreak
    • Everyone in the identified classroom(s) will need to quarantine for 14 days at home from the date of last exposure.
    • The school will clean the classroom per guidelines established by the health department
  • 15 cases in a school within a 2 week or 14-day period is considered an outbreak
    • The whole school will need to quarantine for 14 days at home from the date of last exposure
    • The whole school will be cleaned per guidelines established by the health department

District Closure

  • If multiple schools are quarantined the local health department in collaboration with Canyons District Leadership will make this decision on a case by case basis.


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