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The Bruin Bite

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The Bruin Bite is a weekly email to parents from the principal, Ms. Logan.  To learn more, click on the following link:  The_Bruin_Bite.

The Bruin Bite--5 December


What a great week this has been!!  We are welcoming about 20 more parents to our Bruin Bite list this week.  Welcome!!!!  With last week being shorter, I didn’t send out a Bite.  The holiday was great, and truly I missed our students and staff last week.  While the alarm was harsh Monday morning, it was so fun to see our students back at school and moving from class to class.  We had two new teachers start this week.  Mr. Ammon Hatch started in 8th grade science and Mr. Skyler Beard started with 6th and 7th PE/Health.  We are exited to welcome them to our team!!