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Instructions for scheduling Parent/Teacher Conference appointments

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Butler Middle School PT & Me

Tuesday, October 7, 4:00-8:00 and Thursday, October 9, 4:00-7:30

Parent/Guardian Instructions

At Butler Middle School, we have student-led conferences. In this process, each parent/guardian schedule a time with one of the student’s team teachers. During that meeting time, you will meet with your student, and your student will review his/her portfolio, which includes a grade sheet, a work sample, and student survey from each class. Student-led conferences will be scheduled for 15 minutes at the top of each hour.

Once the student-led conference is complete, there will be a 45-minute Open House. During this time you are welcome to visit teachers and ask questions about your student’s progress. All teachers will be located in their classrooms.

The goals of student-led conferences are: First, to get information to parents about student progress; and Second, to give your student a chance reflect and share their grades and work in their classes. We would anticipate this to support the lines of communication you have with your student regarding grades, progress, effort and school.

We would also hope this conference would give you the information you need to celebrate what is going well and what your student feels is successful as well as identify target areas or opportunities to set goals for improvement or increased effort in the future.

To schedule your PT and Me Conference, please follow these instructions:

  1. Visit our website @ www.butlermiddle.canyonsdistrict.org.
  2. Select the Online Scheduler icon/link.
  3. From the Online Scheduler Home Page
    1. Choose Butler Middle School from the drop down list and click “GO”
    2. Enter the school password--bruins
    3. Enter your student’s “Student ID”. If you do not know the Student ID, use the LOOKUP STUDENT ID button to access the system.
    4. Verify the student’s birth date
    5. The team teacher your student is assigned to will be displayed. Check the box next to the name of the teacher.
    6. If you have more than one student in the school you can see all of your students’ teachers’ schedules at one time by answering YES to this question “Do you want to schedule conferences for another student?” then repeat the steps above for your other students. If you only have one student, answer NO to that question.
    7. You will then see the available time slots for each teacher you selected.
    8. Select the times that work best for your schedule.
    9. Enter your email address (recommended) if you would like an email reminder sent to you. (Your email address is kept private.)
    10. Once you have finished you can confirm your appointment details and print your conference schedule.
    11. Write down the Confirmation Number (you need this number to cancel your appointment)

Need help? Contact the school’s Online Scheduler™ specialist:                

  Mr. Jesse Hennefer

      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Join Butler Middle School Community Council

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Butler Middle School is looking for parents that would like to serve as members of our School Community Council. Each school in the state of Utah elects a School Community Council consisting of parents, teachers and the principal. Our School Community Council meets once per month. As a member of the School Community Council you would help make decisions about the School LAND Trust Program. LAND stands for Learning And Nurturing Development.  Our council prepares a plan that identifies our school's greatest academic need(s). Based on our plan we receive money from the State School Fund to implement our schools plan each year.

If you would like to serve on the Butler Middle School Community Council please email our Assistant Principal, Jesse Hennefer, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To be considered please send your information before Tuesday, September 9th. Elections, if needed, will be Wednesday, September 10th thru Friday, September 12th.

School Community Council meetings are open and all parents and community members are invited to attend. Butler Middle School’s first meeting will be Wednesday, September 10th at 4pm in the Main Office Boardroom. 

The Bruin Bite

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The Bruin Bite is a weekly email to parents from the principal, Ms. Logan.  To learn more, click on the following link:  The_Bruin_Bite.

The Bruin Bite--9 October

What a beautiful day!!!  Don’t you just love the autumn weather?  It is lovely.  This has been another terrific week!!!  I have been lucky enough to be in quite a few classes this week.  I learned about settlements

Butler Middle School PTSA Board Nominations

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Butler Middle School PTSA

 Nomination Committee

submits the following nominees for

Butler Middle School PTSA Officers for 2014/15:

                     For President:                                   Ms. Brandis Smith 

                     For Vice President:                          Ms. Tami Schwendiman

                     For Administrative VPs:                  Ms. Paula Logan

                                                                                Mr. Doug Graham

                     For Secretary:                                  Ms. Andrea Moore

                     For Treasurer:                                  Ms. Cindy Grange

If you object with any of these Nominees or feel you would like to serve in these positions please feel free to contact us no later than April 10, 2014.