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October 12, 2022 – Minutes

Butler Middle School
School Community Council (SCC)

October 12, 2022
Main Office Conference Room, 3:30 PM

BMS Mission Statement

The mission of Butler Middle School is to foster rights, respect, and responsibility in a supportive school community that ensures all students achieve high levels of learning.

  • Doug Draughan (2) -Chair
  • Ily Murdock (2)- Co Chair
  • Paula Logan (S)
  • Genny Poll (S)
  • DarylAnn Ashby (1)
  • Evann Howlett (S)
  • Summer Gallegos (1)
  • LaDena Saxey (S)
  • Jared Brubaker (2)
  • Jennifer Hamelin (2)
  • Sara Vranes (1)
  • Tatiana Grant (S)

Goals for Butler Middle School’s TSSP 2022-2023

Attendance Goal:
In the 2022-2023 school year, BMS will aim to have 85% of our students on track each quarter with attendance in all grades and student groups. We define on track as students missing less than 10% (green and yellow).
Behaviors Goal:
Behavior – 85% of students will report feeling connected to school on targeted school climate survey. We will average the last 3 data questions related specifically to connectedness from the survey.
Coursework: MI (Math) Goal:
75% of our students will be proficient or advanced on the Spring 2023 Math Inventory (MI).
5% or less in Below Basic and 20% or less in Basic in each grade level by the end of the school year.
75% of our SWD, ELLs, and students in the Below Basic level will grow at least 50 points or one level in the January and April testing windows.
Coursework: RI (Reading) Goal:
80% of our students will be proficient or advanced on the Spring 2023 Reading Inventory (RI).
5% or less in Below Basic and 15% or less in Basic in each grade level by the end of the school year.
80% of our Students with Disabilities, English Language Learners, and students in the Below Basic level will grow at least 50 points or one level in the January and April testing windows.
  1. Welcome – (Ily)

  2. September Meeting Minutes Approval (Ily)
  • Genny Motioned to approve the minutes, Sara 2nd the motion. The vote was all in favor.
  1. Digital CitizenshipDistrict Report/School Report (Jen Van Haaften/Genny)
  • Informational: Jen presented the Digital Citizenship Plan, lesson schedule and tips for parents.

4.    School SafetyDistrict Report/School Report (Genny)

  • Discussion School Safety Report
  • BMS Plan creation to submit to District
    • The committee is still concerned about the enter/exit on 2700 East before and after school. The round a bout for Brighton has alleviated so much of the traffic problems on Bengal Blvd, the committee would like to suggest one on 2700 E. In the meantime, we would like more police presence on 2700 E helping with the flow of traffic in the mornings and after school.
  1. Data Review (Genny)


  • School Report Card, we received an “A” – Exemplary. (This grade is based on the following areas: Achievement, Proficiency Levels, Growth, ELL progress…)
  • ELA – 69.9%, increase of 5.3%.
  • Math – 61.9%, increase of 3.9%.
  • Science – 76.8%, increase of 4.4%
    • 1st Quarter Attendance: we are at 81% overall.
      • 8th gr: 78%
      • 7th gr: 80%
      • 6th gr: 82%
    • RI, MI Data from 1st term
    • Student Connectedness (Counselor)


6.    BMS SCC Website Review
  • Informational: The following info has been updated and is on the website.
  1. Meeting dates/meeting agendas/notes
  2. Membership
  3. Report of last year’s LandTrust and TSSA plans and progress
  4. Current year’s Land trust and TSSA plans
7.    Discussion of Current Issues (Genny)

a. SCC Email—be aware of scams—look for canyonsdistrict.org


8. Upcoming Calendar Events (Genny)

  • UCAW Week 10th – 14th
  • End of Quarter 1 19th
  • Fall Recess 20-21st
  • Red Ribbon Week 24th – 28th
  • Halloween Dress up of 31st
  • We have moved Digital Citizenship Week to Oct. 31st – Nov. 4th
9.    Halloween Costumes:
Questions regarding Halloween and dressing in costumes: During the school year we have various dress up days for various reasons. Please note that dress code is always an expectation; shoes are required; and costume masks are not allowed. As for Halloween, we have had students (and staff) dress up in the past. On Monday, Oct. 31st, students can wear Halloween Costumes. When working with your student to select a costume, please remember dress code will still be in effect. Here are some guidelines:
  • No masks or full-face paint. We need to be able to visually identify students even in
  • Costumes that are provocative, revealing, sexual in nature or employ questionable props are not permitted.
  • Costumes that depict violence, alcohol, or drugs are not permitted. Fake (or real) weapons are not allowed.
  • Costumes that can be offensive or perpetuate a stereotype of someone’s culture, gender, heritage, or religion are not permitted.
  • Costumes should not hinder your ability to participate in classes, including PE or hinder your ability to move through the hallways in a safe


As always, the costumes or dressings up is optional. Students wearing questionable costumes will be asked to modify their costumes to make them appropriate for school. If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of your costume idea, we encourage you to speak with a teacher, counselor or administrator prior to planning or wearing the costume. Thank you for taking the time to help your student understand these guidelines.


10. Adjourned:
●      Sara made a motion to end the meeting at 4:41 pm, Evann 2nd the motion and the vote was ALL in favor.

Next Meeting: November 16 Meetings at 3:30—in person

  • January 18
  • February 15
  • March 15
  • March 29
  • April 19



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