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The Bruin Bite

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The Bruin Bite is a weekly email to parents from the principal, Ms. Logan.  To learn more, click on the following link:  The_Bruin_Bite.

The Bruin Bite--14 October



Midterm Reports—Midterm reports were sent home in two batches.  We printed the reports and handed them out last Friday, only to learn that it didn’t print the reports for our 6th grade.  So, those were printed and handed out on Monday.

  At this point, you should have received information on your student’s grades.  Please review that and set some goals for the rest of the term.  We will be sending home Progress Reports on November 1st and the term ends on November 21st.  We are asking for all late work or make up tests that you want in this term’s grade to be completed by November 11th.  Please check with your student about missing work or make ups.

Our Red Ribbon week is next week. There are three days of festivities that we are sponsoring. Please take a look at our flyer so you and your students are aware of what is going on each day. Thanks to our Student PTSA members, we asked them what they would like us, the PTSA, to help with in their classrooms. The #1 thing mentioned was "We need more SOFT Kleenex tissues".  Have any of you used the tissues the district supplies the schools? It isn't great.  So we have put together a Tissue Drive next week as well. You are able to ship an order of tissue to the school directly through Amazon, just put your students grade level on the Attn to line. Or you can send your donations with your student.

Bruin Bite—There will not be a Bruin Bite next week. So the next Bruin Bite will come out on Oct. 28.

Upcoming Dates:

  • October 20-21             No School, Fall Recess
  • October 25                  Reflections Due
  • October 26                  SCC Meeting, 3:30
  • October 28                  Reality Town for 8th graders
  • October 31                  Halloween (see costume/dress up guidelines)
  • November 1                 Safety Drill, Progress Report
  • November 2                 PTSA, 9:00
  • November 3                 School Fieldtrip to Brighton Musical
  • November 4                 No School for Students
  • November 10               Veteran’s Day Assembly

Questions regarding Halloween and dressing in costumes: During the school year we have various dress up days for various reasons.  Please note that dress code is always an expectation; shoes are required; and masks are not allowed.  As for Halloween, we have had students (and staff) dress up in the past.  On Monday, Oct. 31st, students can wear Halloween Costumes.  When working with your student to select a costume, please remember dress code will still be in effect.  Here are some guidelines:

  • No masks or full face paint.  We need to be able to identify students even in costumes.  :-)
  • Costumes that are provocative, revealing, sexual in nature or employ questionable props are not permitted.
  • Costumes that depict violence, alcohol, or drugs are not permitted.  Fake (or real) weapons are not allowed.
  • Costumes that can be offensive or perpetuate a stereotype of someone’s culture, gender, heritage or religion are not permitted.
  • Costumes should not hinder your ability to participate in classes, including PE or hinder your ability to move through the hallways in a safe manner. 
  • Also due to the current concerns with clowns, we would recommend avoiding the clown costume.

And as always the costumes or dressings up is optional.  Students wearing questionable costumes will be asked to modify their costumes to make them appropriate for school. If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of your costume idea, we encourage you to speak with a teacher, counselor or administrator.  Thank you for taking the time to help your student understand these guidelines.  

Also in relation to Halloween, The Cottonwood Heights Business Association is holding a Trunk or Treat at the new city hall (2277 Bengal Blvd) on Oct. 31 from 3-5.

The BMS Veterans' Wall—For the past 15 years, Butler Middle School has put up a Veterans’ Wall.  This is a tradition to honor the people who have served in the various branches of the military.  It can be anyone who is special to you and your family—a close friend, family, a neighbor, etc.  We will be posting the name of each Veteran, a picture, the branch of service, years of service, name of the conflict or war during which the Veteran served, and the name of the person submitting and the relationship (friend, uncle, GG grandfather, mom, neighbor, etc).  Names are submitted to Ms. Van Haaften in the media center.  We will be collecting names through November.  We put these names up on our Veterans’ Wall throughout the latter part of October and it will stay up through Veterans’ Day, November 11th.  The information gathered is to put together a slide show, and we have an assembly to recognize our BMS Veterans.  For this assembly our band, orchestra and choir are learning (and will be performing) some patriotic songs.  It is a GREAT opportunity to recognize some of the people who have sacrificed for our county and for our rights and freedoms.  If you have someone in your life who has served, we encourage you to submit that information. Thank you!

Volunteers—If you would like to volunteer in a classroom or as a chaperone, you do have to complete the volunteer application.  Anyone volunteering at the school, must complete an online form.  You can call the Main Office at 801-826-6800 for more information or go to https://volunteer.canyonsdistrict.org/volunteer/.  This is required of anyone who is volunteering in the school—even to help supervise on a field trip.  We encourage anyone who even thinks they might be interested in volunteering at the school to complete the form now.  Thanks! We would love to have you as a volunteer.  

Bruins Den:  October 18, October 25, 26, 27

Bruins Den is from 3-4 in the Media Center.  It is a place for students to go and complete work, get some help from teachers, and/or use computers for research or completing assignments.  We have teachers supervising and assisting our students. 

B2B—After school programs:  Besides the Bruins Den, there are additional after school options.  Brighton High School sponsoring the “B2B” (Bruin to Bengal) after school program.  Every Tuesday and Thursday that school is in session they will offer tutoring and a physical activity.  Students will have the ability to choose tutoring or the physical activity.  Next week will only be Tuesday.  Sessions are Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15 pm and end at 4:45 pm.  Two or more Brighton High School teachers will be there along with up to 10 Brighton students to help tutor our students or simply mentor and interact with them during the physical activity.  They will be meeting at the main hall tables in the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center.  GO BRUINS!  GO BENGALS! If you have any questions, please contact Principal Charisse Hilton  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Courtney Long  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Rec Center has some additional activities.  All students who attend a Canyons School District School, that are located in the Cottonwood Heights Parks and Recreation Service Area get the Resident Rate towards Recreation Center Memberships.  A student must provide proof of school enrollment.  Youth (under 18 years old) Basic Memberships are $30 for a 90 Day Membership or $80 for a 1 Year Membership.  Please see attachment for additional rates.

For more information on after school activities through the Rec Center go to http://www.cottonwoodheightsafterschool.org or click here: 

PTSA—We encourage everyone to join the PTSA.  This is an organization whose sole purpose is to help our students and support their learning.  Even if you cannot volunteer time, we would hope you would consider joining.   

PTSA Reflections: What is Reflections you ask?!? National PTA Reflections Art program is a nationwide contest meant to give students of all ages and abilities an opportunity to explore and learn about various art forms. The Reflections program is a great tool to help students unleash or maybe even discover for the first time their creativity, originality and uniqueness. Students can explore and submit an entry in 7 arts categories. Entries should ‘reflect’ this year’s theme “What is Your Story?” Submissions are judged on a school level and can advance to a Council, Regional, State and National levels. PTSA Reflections: What is Your Story?

The District is spreading the message that SALTA is an option for parents whose children exhibit significantly higher cognitive and academic ability. All kindergarten- through seventh-grade students are eligible for testing and can now sign up online. The window opened on October 1. The testing window closes on October 31.  Late requests will not be accepted.  Parents and guardians will receive notice of their child's test results in early January 2016. The letter will say whether the child meets enrollment criteria for SALTA. Parents who decline enrollment are encouraged to share the test results with their school principal and teacher as the information will help guide their instruction.

If there is anything we can do to support you and your student, please let us know. 

Have a GREAT day and remember,

It’s Always a GREAT Day to be a Bruin!!

Ms. Paula Logan

Ongoing Items:  These are items we have addressed before, but you may need the information again.

Reality Town and Volunteers: We are excited to announce that Butler Middle School's "Reality Town" event for our 8th grade students will be held Friday, October 28th, 2016, from 8:45 am - 12:35 pm.   Reality Town is an educational program that gives realistic financial experience to our 8th grade students.  Even though Reality Town is a school sponsored activity, volunteers are what make this event successful.  Reality Town consists of many different stations that the students visit to purchase housing, cars, insurance etc.  These stations are all manned by volunteers.  Because this is such a large event we need 60 volunteers.  We invite you to volunteer for this fun event.  You do not have to be an 8th grade parent to volunteer.  All Butler School parents, older siblings, grandparents, friends and neighbors can volunteer.  Please feel free to forward this email on to those you think might be interested in participating.  In addition to the Reality Town event a light continental breakfast before, at 8:45 along with orientation, and a lunch after the event, at 12:35, will be served to our volunteers.  There is also a link to sign-up for setting up the day before, on Thursday afternoon.

You can volunteer by using our "Sign Up Genius" website listed below. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Mary Clark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 801-673-7465.


​​​​​​​www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C044FAEAB2AA6FF2-reality2  (set up) 

Student Drop Off Zone:

If you drive your students to school, please read through the following:

  1. Remember that student safety is our priority.  
  2. Please Drive very SLOWLY. 
  3. The student drop off zone is ONLY on the sidewalk in the front of the building.  Please DO NOT drop of students in the parking lot so that they have to walk through traffic to get to the building.  This creates an unsafe situation for our students and for drivers.
  4. Please use the entire sidewalk on the east side of the building to drop off students.  Even if you are stopped on the north side by the gym, have your student exit the car and walk on the sidewalk to the front of the building.  Using the entire east sidewalk will help to move the line along more quickly than having all parents wait in the line until they are directly east of the front entrance.  
  5. Be prepared for a 5 second drop off.  Stop, open the door, exit, shut the door and then the car is ready to move forward.  We realize working with students there are last minute items, but the stops the line.  If your student has papers for you to sign or isn't ready to exit, please drive through and park in the parking lot to take care of these items.  The drop off lane is not a park and wait lane.  
  6. Please be patient with students and other drivers.  Again, the safety of our students is the most important item.  This necessitates that everyone use the drop off lane correctly and quickly as well as driving through the parking lot slowly.  Once you have dropped off your student, drive carefully and slowly out of the parking lot using the lanes and not driving through the parking stalls or driving fast.  

The busy time for drop off is 7:45-7:55. Prior to 7:45 there is less traffic and the drop off runs smoother.  Mornings can be difficult and being early doesn't always work, but if you don't want to have patience with the traffic, earlier is better.