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BMS — Governor’s Mandate

As of today, we will not be holding any after school activities.  Bruins Den, practices, or activities have been cancelled through the Thanksgiving recess.  

We encourage you as families to wear face coverings and limit social interactions.  

While our students are doing a great job with wearing masks at school, we would encourage you to talk with your children about being vigilant with face coverings, hand washing, and physical distancing.  

Thank you for your assistance.  We appreciate your efforts and hope that your family and loved ones and all members of the Butler Family will be healthy and safe through this pandemic.

Thank you and remember…,

It’s always a GREAT day, to be a Bruin.   

Ms. Paula Logan

Bruin Bite — November 6, 2020


What a great week of warmth and sunshine.  The weather has been beautiful.  Students were out enjoying themselves, and well, I have enjoyed watching them.  

Be aware that next week the weather is changing.  We are moving into the winter months and the weather will be changing.  

Wild Weather or Outside/Inside Days

  • Outside Days–Most days.  Daily we will have a sandwich board at the Main Entrance that posts it is an Outside day.  We will have the map of teacher numbers and locations on this as well.  
  • Inside Days–(FYI–next week looks like there may be days inside)
    • “Feels like” temp is below 22 degrees Fahrenheit 
    • Skylert sent to homes at 6:30 AM
    • Students are directed to report to their 1st period class when they come into the building
    • Doors/Classrooms are to be open at 7:30 AM

At 23 degrees, students will line up and wait for their teachers to escort them into the building.  Students are always welcome to go outside during lunch but will not be required to line up outside if the temperature “feels like” it is at or below 22 degrees.  We encourage students to get fresh air and take a break during lunch, so the outside option is always open.

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