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Tuesday, February 23, 4:00-7:30 PM

Wednesday, February 24, 4:00-7:30 PM


As with many things this year, Parent Teacher Conferences will be structured differently than in past years.  Parent Teacher Conferences for the Winter of 2021 will be virtual conferences via Google Meet/Zoom video or phone calls.  Our 6th grade teachers will have approximately 65 time slots for a 6 minute conference and our 7th and 8th grade teachers will have approximately 60 time slots for a 7 minute conference.


On Friday, teachers will email a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and a Google Form to all parents.  The FAQ will clarify common questions, update parents about curriculum/projects, and share some general information.  Teachers will email the FAQ on Friday afternoon. The Google Form will be a place for you to ask specific questions or follow up questions that were not addressed in the FAQ.  Questions will be answered in a team/teacher email.


Due to time constraints, we are asking that parents of students with grades A or B in classes respond to teachers on the Google Form with specific questions they may have about the course.  These questions will be collected and answered in a team/teacher email.  You can also contact a teacher directly by phone call or email.


Parents of students with a C or below in class please use the Skyward parent conference scheduler to schedule a time slot for conferences.  Instructions for this process are below.  Parents and teachers are asked to keep conferences to the scheduled amount of time so the teachers can stay on track with the call/virtual meeting times.  Should parents need longer, the teacher will reschedule a time to call back. 


Parents will sign up on Skyward for a time.  On the day of PTC, we will email to all parents a list of the links/phone numbers for the virtual meeting/calls.  Parents can access through the virtual meeting link for a video conference or use the phone number and code to call in and conference through the phone.


If parents would like to speak with one of our social emotional team members, support staff or administration, they will also be available during the Parent Teacher Conference Times.  The counselors will have times for conferences that can be prescheduled through Skyward as well. 


Last Name A-L           

Admin: Sara Allen                                           Counselor: Carolann Heindel

Phone: 801-826-6813                                     Phone: 801-826-6821

Email:           Email:

                                                                        Will have appointments you can preschedule

Last Name M-Z          

Admin: Dan Ashbridge                                    Counselor: Tatiana Grant

Phone: 801-826-6812                                     Phone: 801-826-6822

Email:     Email:

                                                                        Will have appointments you can preschedule


School Psychologist: Julie Epperson               School Social Worker: Lily Ferrreira

Phone: 801-826-6829                                     Phone: 801-826-6869    


School Social Worker: Megan Hall                 Media Specialist: Jen VanHaaften

Phone: 801-826-6865                                                 Phone: 801-826-6841

Email:         Email:


Principal: Paula Logan

Phone: 801-826-6801




Sign-ups for Parent Teacher Conferences will begin on February 17th at 8:00 AM.


Parent Conference Instructions – Skyward


Login to your Skyward Family Access

If you have more than 1 student in Canyons School District Schools, choose All Students


  1. On the left side click the Conferences tab


  • Only one appointment can be scheduled per teacher per student
  • If guardians maintain separate households, they must login separately to schedule individual conference times for their student
  • If you have more than one student, the system will allow you to schedule them at the same time with two different teachers, however a warning will appear because this will double book you.
  1. Click All Conferences next to the student’s name for whom you wish to schedule a conference.
  2. Click Select a Time.
  3. Choose the time you want and click Select next to that time (Status for that time slot must be open or select option will not appear).
  4. A window appears showing the appointment information. Click
  5. You will receive a confirmation e-mail. You will also receive a reminder e-mail five days before and two days before your scheduled appointment.
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