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Well, this is certainly a unique experience for all of us.  Thank you for your patience and for your understanding as we work through this together.  This was the first week of new school work and items that will impact 4th quarter. 

Our staff really misses our students.  We did a quick parade last Friday to just wave and drive through the neighborhoods.  Thank you to those we saw.  It was so fun.  We are sorry we missed a few people.  A parade takes a bit more planning than we put in.  We will do better next time.

  • Our Building is Closed—while our building is closed to the public, we are responding to emails and phone calls.  You can call the Main Office, 801-826-6800.  We answer phones and email from 8-3 on school days.   
  • 3rd Quarter Grades—these have been posted. 

Parent Instructions to view and/or print Student Report Cards

  1. Go to the Canyons District web page
  2. Click Skyward 
  3. Click Family Access 
  4. Login to Skyward Family Access with your parent login and password 
  5. Click on Student Password/Report Cards/SAGE Results from the left side of screen
  6. If you have multiple students, choose the student from the top of your screen
  7. Click on the 2019-20 Report Card Term that you want to view
  8. Click View Reports
  • Spring Recess, April 6-10—I hope you have a nice break from school work and some good family time.  The superintendent has asked that our staff take a break.  So, during this time please know that teachers are not expected to be returning emails and calls.  We will return to work on Monday, April 13. 
    • BMS will not be sending homework or expecting work during this time.  
    • The office will not be open during this time.
    •  Lunches will not be served during this time.  
  • Chromebooks—If you need a chromebook, you need to call the Main Office at 801-826-6800.  Please call the Main Office for a chromebook.  Chromebooks will be checked out through the dismissal.    
  • Contacting a Teacher—The best way to contact a teacher is through email.  Teachers are working remotely, and they are still working. You can call the Main Office and leave a message which we will get to them.  Phone messages and emails should be responded to within 24 hours or 1 school day.  
  • Picking up math books or instruments—currently our building is closed.  In extenuating circumstances, we can make arrangements to bring it curbside.  There will be no access during the Spring Recess.  Please call ahead so we can be sure to have your item and someone to bring it out.  Again, we are encouraging our staff to work remotely. 
  • Home Learning—Starting this week our teachers pushed out new learning that will impact 4thquarter grades.  This is a learning curve for all of us.  Thank you for your support and your feedback.
    • Student Home Learning Expectations:  Have your children read through the attached expectations as a way to set parameters for what they should be doing each day. 
    • Canvas—all work is done through Canvas. Attached is a Home Learning Expectation for students to guide them through this learning.
    • Email—As students (or parents) email, it would help to be clear about who the email is coming from.  With the varied names on email, who the sender is may not always be clear.  It is good practice to sign with your first and last name. 

 And remember,

          It’s always a GREAT day to be a Bruin! 

 Thank you,

 Ms. Paula Logan


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