Student Activities

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Student Activities


Butler Middle School offers an excellent curricular program geared toward maximizing each student's potential. Basics in reading, writing, mathematics, science, health and physical education are required. The basic program is enhanced by course offerings in the areas of fine arts, industrial arts, language arts, and domestic engineering. Advance placement and special-help programs are available to qualifying students. For more information call 412-2265. Together we work for the success of each student.

This program is an extension of our 7 Core Democratic Values that we have been focusing on for the past three years. "Success through Citizenship" is designed to enhance that program by encouraging behavior consistent with our school definition of citizenship. Also, we would like to recognize as many "Successful Citizens" as we possibly can. Students will earn points for citizenship during the school year. Awards will be given on a quarterly, yearly, and 3-year basis, according to the amount of points each student accumulate. More info

A list of Honor Roll students will be posted in the main hall. To qualify, a student must earn a 3.6 grade point average. Honor Roll students will be recognized with a special certificate and will enjoy opportunities to participate in special activities throughout the year.

Students are invited to apply for membership in the National Junior Honor Society during the fourth term of their seventh grade year. To qualify, a student must have a 3.8 cumulative grade point average as well as "H" and "S" citizenship grades. To retain membership status in the Society, students must maintain qualifying grades. The National Junior Honor Society sponsors many activities including field trips, guest speakers, parties, and service projects.

Student body government offers interested students the opportunity to develop their skills in leadership, planning, follow-through, service, and the democratic process. Elections are held each spring for the following year's student body officers, eighth and ninth grade representatives, and PTSA representatives. Elections for seventh grade representatives are held in the fall.

From intramurals to Model United Nations, our school has something for everyone. Get involved in a service organization like the bruin bunch or participate in the annual PTSA Reflections Contest. Future Problem Solving, MathCounts, Future Scenario Writing, National Spanish Exam, History Fair, Geography Bee, Deseret News Spelling Bee, Retold Stories, Snowflake Waltz, and Bruin Basketball for girls and boys are all possibilities. Don't just sit there - be a part of something great!