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Events Calendar

Butler Middle - 8th Grade Career Day
Friday, April 26, 2019, 09:30am - 12:42pm
1st period: 9:30

· Elective teachers with 8th grade students: take attendance and then send your 8th graders down to the 8th grade hall.

· DLI teachers: Your 8th grade students (if you have them 1st) will report to your classroom for 1st period. Please take roll and then send them down to the 8th grade hall.

· 8th grade core teachers: Students will report to 1st period, please take attendance and hand out Passports. You will stay in your room to help the presenters as needed.

· Presentations will run until lunch: Students will

Lunch: 12:42

· Presentations are over: all 8th grade students will go to B lunch

5th and 6th period

· Career Day activities are over and students are expected to be in class.
Location 8th grade hall and classrooms