Code of Conduct

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(Policy AA419) There are personal hygiene and safety factors directly related to proper dress and grooming. Furthermore, experience points to a direct correlation between proper dress/grooming and the successful operation of a school with respect to discipline. In accordance with district policy, we expect our students to meet the following dress and grooming standards:

* Shorts and skirts will be knee length.

* Underwear, including boxers, bras, and other undergarments will be covered. Sheer clothing that reveals undergarments will not be acceptable.

* Shirts and blouses will have a collar and/or sleeve and will cover the midriff completely when the student's hands are held above his or her head. Shirts and blouses may not be low cut.

* Shoes and sandals are appropriate footwear at school - house slippers are not.

* Clothing will be free of inappropriate language, sexual innuendo, and advertisements for substances a student can not legally possess.

* Clothing, clothing accessories, and jewelry identified by the County Sherriff's Drug Task Force as drug or gang related may not be worn. Rave beads, pacifiers, chains, bandanas, and belt ends that hang down several inches are examples...

* Trench coats, hats, and kerchiefs may not be worn in the school.

* Clothing which is so conspicuous, extreme, or odd that it may draw undue attention, disrupt, or tend to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere of the school may not be worn.

* Clothing will be neat, clean, and in good repair.

All middle schools in the district operate under a "closed campus" policy. Students are to remain on campus throughout the school day unless they have been properly checked out of school according to outlined procedures. Parents need to notify the school if their student is checking out early.

All students are expected to arrive at school and to each class on time and prepared. The five minute break between classes allows adequate time for students to reach their next class. Teachers will have tardy policies for their classes that will be indicated in their disclosure statements. Parents will be notified when a student has problems with tardiness. Extreme cases of tardiness will be referred to the administration for disciplinary action.

Truancy, by definition, is absence from school without a legal excuse. Students will be considered truant if they leave school without checking out or are not present at their assigned locations. Truancy will result in a reprimand and parents or guardians will be notified. Consequences may include one or more of the following: after-school detention, parent conference, suspension from school, transport to juvenile truancy center, referral to truancy school, or referral to juvenile court.

Jordan School District students and employees are entitled to a learning/working environment which is free from unlawful and violent acts. Therefore, the Jordan District Board of Education shall not tolerate acts of violence, use or possession of weapons, criminal behavior or harmful gang activity in schools, on school property, or at or around school activities. Students whose actions pose a threat to the health and/or safety of a student or staff member shall be suspended and/or expelled* from school. (Board Policy AS67)

The following conduct is defined as "dangerous or disruptive conduct" and is prohibited on school property, at school-sponsored activities and while traveling in school-funded or school-dispatched vehicles:

1. Possessing (regardless of intent), using, selling or trading a firearm, weapon, knife, explosive device, noxious or flammable material, firework, chemical weapon, martial arts weapon or other instrument including those which eject a projectile or substance of any kind, or any replica or facsimile of any of the above, whether working or not.

2. Causing, or attempting, threatening or conspiring to cause, damage to property or people through:

a. Possession or distribution of drugs or alcoholic beverages (Board Policy AS90).

b. Sexual harassment.

c. Arson

d. Burglary

e. Stealing

f. Criminal Mischief (causing injury or damage in excess of $200 to public or personal property)

g. Battery - touching or striking another person against his or her will.

h. Assault - putting another person in fear of harmful or offensive touching

3. Involvement in any illegal activity or causing others to be involved in illegal activity

4. Vandalism

The following Gang-Related Activity is prohibited:
1. Gang-related activity that is dangerous or disruptive.

2. Gang-related activity that includes but is not necessarily limited to:

a. Wearing, possessing, using, distributing, displaying or selling any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign or other things which evidence membership in a gang.

b. Use of a gang associated name.

c. Designating turf or an area for gang activities or occupation or ownership.

Student discipline is essential to further the educational process and provide an environment conducive to learning. The Board of Education authorizes school administrators to take appropriate action to preserve order among the students and staff and to protect school property. Acts of violence, use or possession of a weapon or facsimile, criminal behavior, and gang activity in or about district schools, property, or activities are dealt with in accordance to district policy and the law.

Sexual harassment is defined as any verbal, written, or physical conduct of a sexual nature which has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. These behaviors can vary from an annoying glance to an attempted or actual physical assault. Such behavior includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal comments. It is unlawful when:

Submission to such conduct is used as the basis for educational decisions affecting the individual


Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's academic performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive study environment.

The administration recognizes that the possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or other prohibited substances constitutes a hazard to students and is disruptive to the educational process. The following substances are prohibited at school:

* Illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia

* Alcoholic beverages

* Illegal psycho toxic chemicals (inhalants)

* Prescription medications in excess of an 8-hour dosage

* Over-the-counter medications in excess of an 8-hour dosage

* Tobacco products

The possession, use, or distribution, by students of any substance listed above is prohibited on school district property, during school hours, and at any school-sponsored extracurricular program or activity including those held off school property. Violations will result in the strict application of Jordan School District's Drug and Alcohol Policy AS90. A complete copy of this policy was included in your registration packet.

Each student is important and has rights and responsibilities. Pushing, shoving, rough-housing, running in the halls, fighting, crowding in line, and threatening or teasing other students is not acceptable. Students who fight will be referred to an assistant principal and disciplinary action will be taken.

Snowballing on campus or on the way to and from school is dangerous and not permitted. Students may be subject to suspension for violation of this rule.

Appropriate behavior in the auditorium includes walking quietly and orderly, listening to the performance, and showing appreciation by applauding courteously. If you feel that the performance is outstanding, a standing ovation is appropriate. Whistling, booing and other such behavior is not appropriate.

Butler Middle School's discipline policy states that each student has a right to an educational opportunity without interference from disruptive behavior. Each student has a responsibility to behave in a way that will maintain this right for all students.

If intervention becomes necessary, a student may be assigned to after-school detention. Failure to complete interventions may result in suspension from school for a day or longer. If the problem cannot be resolved, the parent or guardian must attend school with the child.

A student who is out of class during regularly assigned classes must have a hall pass which has been issued by a staff member. Students can expect to be asked for the pass. Misuse of a pass may result in loss of pass privileges, detention, or other disciplinary action.

Students should only bring school related and approved materials to school. CD and tape players, pagers, cell phones, radios, electronic games, laser pens, wallet chains, skateboards, squirt guns, balloons, locker decorations or any other items which would distract, disrupt, irritate, assault, or in any way infringe upon the educational rights of others will be confiscated. Butler Middle School will not assume responsibility for such items. Confiscated items will be returned to the student or to a parent or guardian after school hours only. Items of nominal value may be destroyed.

There shall be no display of manner or speech that is lewd, vulgar, gross, obscene or defamatory, or otherwise disruptive to the wholesome educational environment of the school. Under state law, any violation of this policy (AA425) could result in suspension from school.