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BMS School Community Council Information 2016-2017

Butler Middle School’s School Community Council (SCC) is made up of parents from the community and teachers from the staff of Butler Middle School. The purpose of the SCC is to participate fully in the development of various school plans, mainly the School Improvement Plan and the School Land Trust plan, and give community input on the implementation of those plans carried out in the school.
General Information
*Agendas are posted until Minutes are approved
 SCC Future Meeting Dates (all meetings are held in the Main Office Board Room):
·         January 25, 3:30
·         February 22, 3;30
·         March 15, 3:30
·         April 19, 3:30
 School Community Council's roles and responsibilities.
- Primary advocate for all children
- Represent the various viewpoints and values within the community
- Primary responsibility is to improve student academic performance.
- Determine how to spend School LAND Trust funds on the greatest academic needs
- Actively promote school priorities in the community.
Source:  Canyons School District 2016-17 School Community Council Handbook
The authority of the school community council does not supersede the authority of the principal, the Superintendent, or the Board of Education.
Source:  CSD Policy KCE, R-1
The school community council is an advisory, not a policy-making, body.
Source: CSD Policy KCE, R-2, 2.2
“The Council has statutory responsibilities to develop the School Improvement and LAND Trust plans which are focused on increasing student achievement in our school and may include provisions for professional development.  Throughout the school year, the SCC reviews school data, identifies academic needs, sets measurable goals, establishes action steps to reach those goals, and evaluates success of the plans.  This gives parents and school employees opportunity to be involved in the decision making process at the local school level...Additionally the SCC serves as an advisory council to the school and district administration as well as the Canyons District Board of Education. In this role, an SCC fosters communication between the school and the community on local school issues.  The School Community Council is a vital partner in fulfilling the mission of Canyons School District: Every student will graduate college-and-career ready."
Source:  CSD Website
Discussion/Planning Items for the SCC:
The SCC may invite any person/group to make a presentation on issues pertinent to the role of the SCC. The items that are appropriate for discussion by SCC include, but not limited to:
·         School Improvement Plan (CSIP)
·         School LAND Trust Plan  
·         Advise and make recommendations regarding school programs, professional development and issues relating to the community environment for students.
·         Parent/School communication and involvement.
·         Safe Walking Route
·         Additional Topics: A patron may bring a topic to the SCC by contacting the Chair at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting and asking to be added to the agenda. An individual will be given adequate time to present—no more than 5 minutes.  A group (3 or more) will be given up to 8 minutes to present as a group.  The council, as a body, may then choose to further discuss the topic or add the topic to an agenda for future discussion.
Source: BMS Bylaws 2016-2017