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Butler Middle School Community Council Information 2014-2015

Butler Middle School’s School Community Council (SCC) is made up of parents from the community and teachers from the staff of Butler Middle School. The purpose of the SCC is to participate fully in the development of various school plans, mainly the School Improvement Plan and the School Land Trust plan, and give community input on the implementation of those plans carried out in the school.


General Information

Butler SCC Meeting Schedule 2014-2015.pdf

Butler Middle SCC Membership List

Butler Middle SCC Bylaws



2014-2015 School Land Trust Plan

2014-2015 School Land Trust Funding

2013-2014 School Land Trust Final Report.pdf


Next Agenda

 May 5th, 2015 Agenda.pdf


Butler SCC Minutes 9-10-14.pdf

Butler SCC Minutes 10-23-14.pdf

Butler SCC Minutes 11-19-14.pdf

Butler SCC Minutes 01-21-15.pdf

 Butler SCC Minutes 02-11-15.pdf

School Community Council Briefings

The following are the School Community Council Briefings that are sent out by Canyons School District. Once a month we will post this briefing that includes information on academic achievements, activities and SCC updates. Hopefully, this information will assist you in knowing first-hand what is going on in Canyons District.

SCC Briefing October 25, 2014

SCC Briefing November 27, 2014

SCC Briefing December 22, 2014

SCC Briefing February 25, 2015