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SCC Minutes November 12th, 2013

Butler Middle School

School Community Council (SCC)

Minutes (Draft)



Jenna Ellingson – Parent / Chair

Jesse Hennefer – Faculty / Vice Principal

Heather Passey – Parent /PTSA President

Amir Haskic – Parent / Vice Chair

Kim Steenblick – Parent

Tatiana Grant – Counselor

Officer Galieti – School Resource Officer

Deanna Runyan-Wall – Parent

Dave Olsen – Faculty / Recorder

  • Jenna called the meeting to order at 4:02 pm. Attendees were given a chance to review the minutes from October in an email attachment sent out earlier by Jesse.  Jenna mentioned they are Amir motioned to approve the minutes as written. Jesse Seconded the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously.
  • Counseling Tatiana Grant told the group about needs assessment. They need 100 parents, students and teachers to complete it. It is offered by the USOE to identify the needs of the Counseling center such as for CCRs – College and Career Readiness Plans. (formerly SEOPs). She asked everyone to please respond and it will go through the CSD back to the State. Jesse asked about how it will be distributed. Tatiana said it will be online and must be done by the end of November. Tatiana recognizes the short deadline.
  • Kim wanted to know about how we did on the PT and Me registration. Jesse said it was 81% this time and almost all of those showed up. Kim was concerned that PT & Me was after the term ended. We got good feedback on the online scheduler method. If we had opened it up sooner, we would likely have registered even more. Amir agreed that the timing of Parent Teachers Conference was a bit late. Jesse said that CSD sets up the dates for the conferences. Kim added that steps cannot be taken to affect the grade. Other parents agreed and mentioned that Skyward was available anytime to check student grades. Kim said that it’s not the same as talking to the teacher. Also, it becomes the student’s perspective vs. the teacher. Jenna said they are still working out the bugs.
  • Jesse presented the final School Land Trust Plan for 2012-2013. We submitted our final plan and Jesse will send it out to everyone and post it on the school website. The only item sent back was that we needed to add member information and contact information posted on our school website.
  • Jesse presented the latest information on Cell Tower Money. To use cell tower money we (SCC) has to approve how it’s spent. Paula would like to see it spent in four areas. They are: 1. Technology for student use, 2. Student rewards (PBIS), 3. Field trips and busses, 4. Team rewards (a budget for each team to build team identity). We do not have the amount yet to allocate.  The technology would be spent in part to purchase a couple of computers to complete classroom sets. More STEM equipment is needed in science as well. Kim asked if CTE was only offered to 6th and 7th. Jesse said 8th graders have a technology oriented class.  She wanted to have the FACs restaurant part available in 8th grade for students that want a non-technology choice for the year. She pointed out that A & B days should offer greater variety but it seemed like there was less. The only option available to one student was dance for example. Jesse said there are more choices but there may be fewer openings to schedule them through. Kim still wants an exploratory FACs as a choice in 8th grade. Jenna suggested we table voting until we know more about the dollar amount in January.
  • Heather said Reality Town is coming up on December 6th. Officer Galieti said he will be there.  The PTSA sent out a sign-up sheet and needs people to help. PTSA will be helping at the meeting on the 20th for the Superintendent search. The Reflections Contest is ongoing. As of yesterday, there were about 20 submissions.  Family Dinner Nights are bringing in some money. The next family night out is the 25th at Sweet Tomatoes. The last one at High Five generated about $120.00 in discounts that were donated back to the school. Chipotle generated about $820.50.  It is generally the last Monday of the month.  There won’t be one offered in December. Heather said its ok for kids to have an I-pad, but we need to make sure we train the users on how to use them. Jesse said Janae Hunt is here three days a week and has regular training.
  • Amir attended SCC training. He said that he was surprised at how well it was organized. The panel had credible members. One of the biggest points was school staff cannot run the meetings. There should be an agenda. He said that transparency and communications is a must.  We need more parents. We need parents to outnumber staff by at least 2 to 1. The other point was the astonishing statistics from the Principal at Lake Ridge Jr. High in Granite School District. He presented at one of the SCC classes. He said a software program called Mastery Connect can help teachers identify where students are strong or weak at any time. By using this tool, parents and administrators can identify weak teachers as well.  Amir said we need to motivate parents to help kids. The technology should be used to pinpoint weaknesses more than as a teaching tool.  Jesse said this would likely replace Skyward if it were used. Amir added that we should not be buying technology just for the sake of technology. Jesse said we would have to have CSD approval to implement the software.  Amir said we need an email address and a PTSA email address. The address needs to be posted in the Bruin Letter.
  • Jenna sent out an email for the Superintendent search. The format the team uses follows the six point agenda in the email. Some schools have had just a few comments. Jenna wants teachers to know it’s very confidential. You only have to put in your zip code.  Jenna would like to meet to develop our responses to the points. The meeting is November 19th at 2:30 pm and parents can pick up a student after. 
  • Amir motioned to adjourn and Jesse seconded. Motion carried at 5:20 pm.
  • Next SCC meeting tentatively set for January 14th at 4:00 pm in the Main Office Boardroom