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Butler Middle School

School Community Council (SCC)

January 20th, 2016

Main Office Conference Room, 3:30 PM

BMS Mission Statement

The mission of Butler Middle School is to foster rights, respect, and responsibility in a supportive school community that ensures all students achieve high levels of learning.

Members Present: Amir Haskic, Paula Logan, Roger Moody, Lisa Devashrayee, Kerri Hallbeck, Ellen Andersen, Marta Savage-Stott, Heather Passey, Lisa Boyce, Jodi talks about safe walking

Goals and Action Plans for Butler Middle School’s CSIP


Literacy Performance Goals:

  1. Increase our school-wide reading proficiency to 80% in the advanced and proficient ranges as measured by the SRI.  
  2. Collect and analyze SAGE data to establish a SAGE writing and ELA goal for 2016.


STEM Performance Goals:

  1. 1)Increase our grade level Math CBM proficiency to 80% as measured by the Math M-Comp and Math M-CAP testing.
  2. 2)Collect and analyze SAGE data in Math and Science to establish a SAGE math and science goal for 2016.

PBIS Performance Goal:

  1. 1)Collect and analyze data from our initial PBIS Implementation Inventory.
  2. 2)Collect and analyze Educators Handbook and Great Bruin Card data.


  1. 1.Welcome

Meeting called to order.

Welcome to all members.

X Minutes approved from Nov 18, 2015 (Need to send them out again)

  1. 2.Safe Walking Routes

Jodi talking about it. Same as last time Anything we should add?

Has salted and clearing of snow.

Construction should be finished by next year.

Concern about only one lane coming in to the school (2 going out). Problems dropping off and picking up. Problems keeping cars moving.

Suggestion for a sidewalk on Bengal.


  1. 3.Academic Aides at BMS

Have a hard time finding people to take the position and stay.

Have not been able to implement it completely. $ and hours are not competitive.

Ask about Colleges for students who need hours for a class requirements.

Contact Westminster and UofU. I suggest SLCC also.

Would it be possible to hire a full time teacher? Not really. Probably a part time.

  1. Parent Survey-Review of results

How to get more responding?

Some kind of incentive.

We are about 3rd in Middle schools. All really close.

Lowest is how much student is learning.

Bullying and kids not being challenged. Most common problems mentioned.

Emotional well being. Most parents don’t understand the question. But the question needs to be better or get us more information. We can’t fix anything if we don’t know the problem.

Should we resend this and see if we can get more information.

5. Review Current Testing Results

            -SRI Scores

We did great!

Last year we ended 57% in advanced, 13% proficient, 23% basic, 7% below basic

Currently we are at 55% in advanced, 13% proficient, 25% basic, 7% below basic

Next meeting we will have the placemat. It will include Aimsweb data.

Next SRI is April.



Course requests and online registration. Separating it out and calling them different things. Hopefully it will be clearer.

Brighton HS over 9th Feb rara Feb 11th parent meeting at Butler Middle.

You get a schedule and then you move them around.




6. Updates

  • Report on the Sound Grading Conference

Someone from every team went. Next step is assessments. Should be things that demonstrate mastery.

  • Fight the New Drug assembly

We are not having this.

Maybe next year. We need to sign up before funding dries up.

  • Celebration for Butler turning 50 years

Info coming out in Feb

  • Locker Room

10 min early.

  • New lockers installed

Installed but no combinations.


7. Parent Concerns

Room for Ski stuff?

PTA: Blanket drive. 300 or so blankets. J

Trying to get next years board on board.


3 Lunches going well.

Next year will schedule classes with that in mind.

Next Meeting: February 17th, 2016 @ 3:30 PM in the conference room.