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Student Handbook

Welcome to YOUR school! This planner is to be used to keep track of assignments and important dates. We encourage you to review it with a parent daily. This can be an excellent means of communication between school and home. Organization is KEY to your school success!


The mission of Butler Middle School is to help every student by providing a positive learning environment so that all students:

•    Have the opportunity to reach their fullest potential and progress academically
•    Explore and respect the world beyond themselves
•    Develop life-skills for becoming responsible, productive citizens in a rapidly changing global society.


•    Student learning is the chief priority of the school and should be the primary focus of all decisions impacting the work of the school.

•    Students learn in different ways. They should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support their learning. Students learn best when actively engaged in the learning process.

•    Each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.

•    Students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community share the responsibility for advancing the school’s mission.

•    The commitment to continuous improvement by all stakeholders is imperative if our school is going to enable students to become confident, self-directed, lifelong learners.


Lifelong learning
•    Initiates own learning
•    Achieves high standards of literacy and basic knowledge
•    Manages information
•    Demonstrates aesthetic awareness

Complex thinking
•    Demonstrates a variety of thinking processes
•    Integrates new information with existing knowledge and experience
•    Applies thinking skills strategically

Responsible citizenship
•    Demonstrates individual responsibility and self control
•    Practices a healthy lifestyle
•    Understands and promotes democratic values
•    Participates in activities that promote the public good

Effective communication
•    Uses appropriate methods to communicate with others
•    Listens and responds appropriately when receiving communication


Butler Middle School offers an excellent curricular program geared toward maximizing each student’s potential.  Basics in reading, writing, mathematics, science, health and physical education are required. The basic program is enhanced by course offerings in the areas of fine arts, industrial arts, language arts, and domestic engineering.  Honors placement and special-help programs are available to qualifying students. For more information call the counseling center at 801-826-6820

From intramural sports to Model United Nations, our school has something for everyone.  Get involved in a service organization or participate in the annual Reflections Contest. Compete with others in Math Counts, Future Scenario Writing, science fair, rocket launch, and/or Bruin Basketball.  Intramural sports are also provided through Salt Lake County Parks and Recreation.  


A list of Honor Roll students will be posted in the main hall each quarter. To qualify, a student must earn a 3.6 grade point average. 


Students are invited to apply for membership in the National Junior Honor Society during the fourth term of their seventh grade year. To qualify, a student must have a 3.8 cumulative grade point average as well as "H" and "S" citizenship grades. To retain membership status in the Society, students must maintain qualifying grades and citizenship. The National Junior Honor Society sponsors many activities including field trips, guest speakers, parties, and service projects. 

Butler Middle School fosters student leadership. Student Body Officers are elected in the spring to serve for the following school year. Elections also result in a student representative for each grade level as well as three PTSA representatives. In the true spirit of democracy, each 2nd period class elects a senator to serve for one semester. The Senate meets regularly to discuss student concerns and brainstorm solutions. 

Each student at Butler Middle School will be assigned to a grade level team. Each grade will have two teams. Approximately 150 students will be assigned to each grade level team. Each grade level team will have the same Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies teachers. The 4-teacher team will meet together on a weekly basis to better coordinate curriculum and to work with identifying the needs of each student.


The school day begins at 7:50 A.M. Although teachers are in the building prior to this time, they are preparing for classes and are not available for student conferences unless an appointment has been made. Students should not be in the building prior to the 7:30 A.M. bell. Students who must arrive at the school before 7:30 A.M. are asked to remain in the lobby or near the entrance. Breakfast is available at 7:10 A.M.

The school day ends at 2:50. Unless students are involved in a teacher-supervised activity, they are expected to leave the building and school grounds by 3:05 P.M.  Students wishing to meet with teachers after school must make an appointment.  Students staying for appointments or activities must arrange for their own transportation.

A nutritious breakfast and lunch is served daily. A computerized prepay system allows students to carry credit in an account. Lunch account numbers are assigned to each student.  A student’s account number remains the same for as long as he or she attends Butler. Deposits to a lunch account may be made in the main office by filling out a deposit slip, attaching it to a check or cash, and placing the deposit in the designated box.  Same-day deposits must be made before 9:00 A.M.  Students MUST keep their account number confidential.  

After students have finished eating lunch, they may remain in the cafeteria, go into the halls adjacent to the cafeteria, or go outdoors. By district policy, middle school students are to remain on campus during school hours.  All who use the cafeteria are responsible for keeping the area clean. Lunch sacks, cans, and wrappers should be placed in the garbage cans and trays should be taken to the proper area. Please recycle plastic bottles in the bins provided. Food, candy, and drinks are to be consumed in the cafeteria or in the designated area outside. 

Vending machines are available.  Each machine is serviced and stocked daily, but machine malfunction is a possibility.  Use the vending machines at your own risk.  There will be no refunds.  

The Counseling Center is made up of two full-time counselors and several office assistants. If you wish to meet with a counselor, the secretary will make an appointment and the counselor will contact you.  Emergency first aid is available in the Counseling Center.  In case of illness, the student should obtain a note from the teacher and go directly to the Counseling Center.  If a student is too ill to remain in school, a parent/guardian will be contacted.  A student who is hurt before or after school or during the lunch period should go directly to the Counseling Center.  

Emergency drills are required by law. It is essential that everyone promptly obey when the first signal is given. Students are taught how to react appropriately to fire, earthquake and other emergencies.  During a fire or evacuation drill, students are to exit the building by the prescribed route as quickly as possible, move away from the building, and stay out of driveways. Students should remain quiet, controlled, and attentive. All will remain outside of the building until clearance is given to reenter.

Tampering with fire alarms is a serious offense.  A "joke" could easily turn to disaster.  Anyone who trips an alarm as a prank will be immediately suspended from school and referred to law enforcement.

Lockers are school property and are issued to students for storage of school books and school equipment. Students are responsible for keeping their lockers neat and clean both inside and out. They must not write on, scratch, carve, dent or in any way deface or mutilate their lockers or anyone else's locker. Students must use the locker that was assigned to them.  Students who violate these regulations will lose locker privileges and will be required to make payment sufficient to cover damage.

School officials reserve the right to search any or all lockers. Illegal items found in lockers will be confiscated, and students to whom the lockers are assigned may be prosecuted.  All locker combinations are changed during the summer. If you want more security for your possessions, bring a personal key lock or combination lock from home, and bring a copy of the combination or a duplicate key to the main office.  If you bring a personal lock and forget the combination, it is your responsibility to get your locker open. The office staff will not open personal locks for a student's convenience during the school day.  All lockers are subject to inspection when deemed necessary by school personnel. The school is not responsible for anything stolen from lockers.

If you lose something, check in the Lost and Found bin in the office. Canyons School District is not responsible for any personal property which is lost, stolen, or vandalized, or which may have been entrusted for storage and/or safekeeping by Canyons School District or any employee of Canyons School District. There is no provision that allows payment for any personal item that is taken from school premises.

Students are welcome in the Media Center on school days from 7:30 A.M. to 3:05 P.M. Each student is provided with an identification card. This card must be used to check out materials. Students who do not behave properly will be asked to leave.  Follow these policies:
1.    Quiet conversation is acceptable when talking applies to studies.
2.    Candy, food, and drinks are not allowed.
3.    Unless accompanied by a teacher, students need a hall pass.  If students desire to use the media center during lunch, a pass must be picked up from the librarian in the morning.
4.    Books checked out of the Media Center are due every two weeks.  One renewal is allowed.  
5.    Magazines may not be checked out, but are for use during regular class periods.  If you need a magazine during the next period, return to the main desk and it will be held there for you.  If you need to copy items from a magazine, take it to the main desk.  Copies are $.05 each.
6.    Some reference books and encyclopedias may be checked out overnight.  
7.    Audio-Visual materials may not be checked out to students.  If items are needed for classroom work, a teacher must check them out.
8.    Some items may be reserved for check-out.  The check-out period will be determined by the instructor.

Medication may only be administered to a student by school personnel if:

  • The student's parent or legal guardian has provided a current written and signed request that medication be administered to the student during regular school hours,
  • The student's physician, dentist, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant has provided a signed statement describing the method, amount, and time schedule for administration, and a statement that administration of medication by school employees during periods when the student is under the control of the school ismedically necessary.  Medication forms are available at the school counseling center.   
Acetaminophen or ibuprofen may be given by the school nurse, or other trained
school employees as designated by the principal of the secondary school, to any
student after consulting with parent regarding the need and obtaining verbal
permission each time administered.

When a student's family is moving or a student transfers to another school, he/she should formally withdraw from Butler Middle School. A withdrawal form may be obtained in the counseling center. The withdrawal process includes paying fines, returning school textbooks, cleaning out the locker, and final clearance by the teachers. Failure to follow this procedure will cause a delay and denial of refunds and credits. Please see the attendance secretary for more details.

It is the policy of Canyons School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or handicapping condition in any educational program.

This is a valuable tool for parents to use in checking students’ grades and attendance. Each student is assigned a login name and password at the beginning of the school year. You may access Skyward Student at

Students are responsible to bring their own report cards home after the first, second and third terms. The fourth term report card is mailed home approximately two weeks after the last day of school.  Midterm progress reports are provided four weeks into each term. Please refer to the school calendar for specific dates. We encourage students to take midterms home. Additional copies are available to the parent upon request. Please remember, Skyward Student should be accessed regularly by both students and parents.

Students are not released from class to accept or make telephone calls except in cases of illness or serious emergency. The school is happy to relay messages from parents to students. Students are allowed to use cell phones before school and after school. We ask that parents do not call students on their cell phones during the school time, but that they contact the main office at 801-826-6800 to leave a message.

All visitors should check in at the main office. Student visitors are not allowed in the school during regular school hours.  An exception to this rule is made for students the school has invited into the building as part of the regular instructional process.  All visitors should check in at the main office. We ask parents to also follow this rule by checking in at the office to pickup a visitor’s pass.  This is for the protection of both students and staff members.


School attendance is mandated by the Utah Compulsory Attendance Law 53A-11-101. Accordingly, students are expected to be in class and attend school-sponsored activities unless officially excused. Consistent attendance is vital to academic success, and students who are not in class have serious difficulty passing. Frequent absence disrupts the educational process and reduces chances for interaction with teachers and peers, classroom participation, learning experiences, and other valuable opportunities. Once lost, many of these benefits cannot be regained. 

Attendance Responsibilities

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

•    Ensure that student attends regularly and is on time.
•    Notify attendance office in case of legitimate absence.
•    Notify attendance office prior to student being checked out.
•    Provide notes from a physician when absences are medically related.

Student Responsibilities:

•    Be in school regularly and on time.
•    Arrive to classes on time.
•    Collect work missed during absence.
•    Obtain a check-out slip if leaving school early.

School Responsibilities:

•    Verify and record daily attendance in each class.
•    Notify parents if attendance is irregular or if there are excessive unexcused absences.
•    Develop procedures and guidelines that promote good attendance.
•    Intervene when absences become excessive.

Attendance Procedures


There are times when a student cannot attend school.  Reasons for excused absences include illness, medical appointments, family wedding, death of family member or other close friend, family emergencies, family activity (Educational Leave), or court appearance.

When a student is absent from school for one or more periods, a parent or guardian must call the school on the day of the absence stating the reason and duration. We encourage parents to call the Attendance Office at 801-826-6810.

The Compulsory Education law stipulates parents/guardian may excuse up to 10 school days in any given year. 

All absences beyond 10 days MUST be excused by a doctor’s note or documentation of a family emergency. If a student will be out of town for three days or more, an Educational Leave form must be completed at least five days prior to the absence. Educational Leave is granted for a maximum of ten days per student per school year.

The school utilizes an automated calling machine to notify parents of absences.  In addition, all absences are recorded on the Skyward Student system.  Parents/guardians and students can access attendance and check academic progress by going to the Butler webpage and clicking on the Skyward Student link. 

Students who arrive at school after 8:05 A.M. must check in at the Counseling Center. An excused tardy (or absence) will be recorded if the student has a signed and dated note from a parent. If a student does not have a note, an unexcused absence/tardy will be recorded for the class periods missed prior to checking in to school. Parents may excuse four late-morning check-ins per quarter. After four late check-ins, students will be counted tardy or unexcused.

When it is necessary for a student to leave school during the regular school day, the student must report to the Counseling Center before 7:55 A.M. The student must provide a note, signed by a parent or guardian, stating the date and time the student is to check out and a phone number where a responsible person may be contacted to verify the reason for the check out. Except in cases of emergency, students are not allowed to use school phones to check out of school. Before the student leaves the school, a parent or guardian must come to the Counseling Center with a photo ID to check the student out. Students checking out to participate in school-sponsored events or athletic activities sanctioned by the Utah High School Athletics Association will be granted excused absences for the purpose of their participation.  

All middle schools in Canyons School District operate under a “closed campus” policy. Students are to remain on campus throughout the school day unless they have been properly checked out of school according to the procedures outlined in this policy.

Students are considered truant for the following reasons:

  • being absent from school for any portion of the school day (including lunch) without the consent of a parent, guardian, or school official;
  • leaving school without properly checking out through the attendance office; obtaining permission to go to a certain place but not reporting there; arriving more than 10 minutes late for a class;
  • leaving class without permission; or being consistently tardy to class. 
Students will be given one period of after-school detention (ASD) for each period missed.

The following conduct is defined as dangerous or disruptive and is prohibited on school property, at school-sponsored activities and while traveling in school-funded or school-dispatched vehicles:

  1.     Possessing (regardless of intent), using, selling or trading a firearm, weapon, knife, explosive device, noxious or flammable material, firework, chemical weapon, martial arts weapon or other instrument including those which eject a projectile or substance of any kind, or any replica or facsimile of any of the above, whether working or not.
  2.  Causing, or attempting, threatening or conspiring to cause, damage to property or people through:
  • Possession or distribution of drugs or alcoholic beverages (Board Policy AS90)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Arson
  • Burglary
  • Stealing
  • Criminal Mischief (causing injury/damage in excess of $200 to public/personal property)
  • Battery - touching or striking another person against his or her will
  • Assault - putting another person in fear of harmful or offensive touching
        3.  Involvement in any illegal activity or causing others to be involved in illegal activity

        4. Vandalism

Endangerment to the physical or emotional health or safety of a school employee or student; any brutality of a physical nature; forced or coerced act or activity of a sexual nature or with sexual connotations; or other physical activity that endangers the physical health or safety of a school employee or student.

Cyber bullying:
is sending email, text, or posting messages on social networking websites to defame, intimidate, threaten, demean, harass, insult or humiliate a student or school employee in a deliberate, repeated or hostile or unwanted manner.

The following Gang-Related Activity is prohibited:
1.    Gang-related activity that is dangerous or disruptive.
2.    Gang-related activity that includes but is not necessarily limited to:
       a.    Wearing, possessing, using, distributing, displaying or selling any clothing, jewelry, emblem, badge, symbol, sign or other things which evidence      membership in a gang. 
      b.    Use of a gang-associated name.
      c.    Designating turf or an area for gang activities or occupation or ownership.

The Board of Education authorizes school administrators to take appropriate action to preserve order among the students and staff and to protect school property. Acts of violence, use or possession of a weapon or facsimile, criminal behavior, and gang activity in or about district schools, property, or activities are dealt with in accordance to district policy and the law.


(Policy AA419)  There are personal hygiene and safety factors directly related to proper dress and grooming.  Furthermore, experience points to a direct correlation between proper dress/grooming and the successful operation of a school with respect to discipline.  In accordance with district policy, we expect our students to meet the following dress and grooming standards:
•    Items that disrupt the educational mission shall not be allowed. Personal items such as clothing, paraphernalia, jewelry, backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles, etc., shall be free of writing, pictures, or any other insignias, which are crude, vulgar, profane, violent, or sexually suggestive.
•    Items which bare advertising, promotions and likeness of tobacco, alcohol, or drugs or which are contrary to the educational mission shall not be allowed.
•    All students shall maintain their hair, mustaches, sideburns, and beards in a clean, well-groomed manner. Hair which is so conspicuous, extreme, and odd in color or style that it draws undue attention or tends to disrupt or interfere with the learning atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.
•    All students shall wear clean clothing. Clothing, jewelry, accessories, and piercings which are so conspicuous, extreme, or odd that they may draw undue attention or tend to disrupt, interfere with or pose a health or safety issue to the learning atmosphere at the school, shall not be allowed.
•    Students shall not wear clothes that are mutilated (torn, with holes or frayed), cut off or immodest, e.g. short shorts, mini skirts, bare midriffs, halter-tops, spaghetti straps, tank shirts, or similar clothing. Clothing shall cover the midriff, underwear, backs, and cleavage at all times. Skirts, dresses and shorts must reach mid-thigh.
•    Sheer shirts are to have dress code appropriate attire underneath any area exposed by sheer material.
•   Military clothing or insignias which are part of the official uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces are not to be worn except where authorized by law. (Wearing of the military uniform is regulated by provisions of Utah State Code Title 18988 Code 76-8-514)
•    Hats of any kind (including headbands and wristbands) are not allowed within the building except as part of an approved activity, or for religious, or medical purposes.
•    School officials may require students to wear certain types of clothing for health or safety reasons in connection with certain specialized activities.
•    Gang-related clothing, colors, and paraphernalia shall not be allowed in schools or activities. School officials will determine what constitutes “gang” clothing, colors, and paraphernalia after consultation with law enforcement agencies as needed. 
•    Shoes shall be worn at all times that insure safety and hygiene (no house slippers).


The administration recognizes that the possession, use, or distribution of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, or other prohibited substances constitutes a hazard to students and is disruptive to the educational process.  The following substances are prohibited at school:
*    Illegal drugs and associated paraphernalia
*    Alcoholic beverages
*    Illegal psycho toxic chemicals (inhalants)
*    Prescription medications in excess of an 8-hour dosage
*    Over-the-counter medications in excess of an 8-hour dosage
*    Tobacco products

The possession, use, or distribution, by students of any substance listed above is prohibited on school district property, during school hours, and at any school-sponsored extracurricular program or activity including those held off school property.  Violations will result in the strict application of Canyons School District’s Drug and Alcohol Policy AS90.   

Personal electronic devices designed for entertainment purposes are not permitted during school hours. Cell phones and/or other communication devices may be confiscated if they disrupt the educational process or environment. Any use of an electronic device that exploits personal information, disrupts the educational process, invades personal privacy or compromises the integrity of educational programs is strictly prohibited. Butler Middle School will not assume responsibility for personal items.

Sexual harassment is defined as any verbal, written, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that has the purpose or effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment. These behaviors can vary from an annoying glance to an attempted or actual physical assault. Such behavior includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal comments. It is unlawful when:

Submission to such conduct is used as the basis for educational decisions affecting the individual 
Such conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s academic performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive study environment.

Canyons School District students and employees are entitled to a learning/working environment that is free from unlawful and violent acts. Therefore, the Canyons District Board of Education shall not tolerate acts of violence, use or possession of weapons, criminal behavior or gang activity in schools, on school property, or at or around school activities. Students whose actions pose a threat to the health and/or safety of a student or staff member may be suspended to a district level hearing (Board Policy AS67).

There shall be no display of manner or speech that is lewd, vulgar, gross, obscene, defamatory, or otherwise disruptive to the wholesome educational environment of the school.  Under state law, any violation of this policy (AA425) could result in suspension from school