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Core Academic Teams

Core Academic Teams:  Working Together

Core academic teachers (i.e. math, English language arts, social studies, and science) will be organized into integrated teams. The teams will share common students and a common planning period. Teaming allows teachers to:

  • Work collaboratively to identify which students need academic supports or enrichments.
  • Problem-solve to provide necessary academic or behavioral interventions.
  • Ensure that deliberate connections are made between each subject area for a more cohesive educational experience for all middle school students.

Team Names Grade Teachers Team Website
Cinnamon Bears 6 Mrs. Kimble (Lead)
Mrs. Engel
Mrs. Schneggenburger
Mrs. Andersen
Mrs. Andrus
Gummi Bears 6

Mrs. Boyce (Lead)
Mrs. McFarlane
Mrs. Clyde
Mrs. Costello
Polar Bears 7 Mrs. Howell (Lead)
Mr. Tominaga
Mrs. Hepworth
Mrs. Abbott
Panda Bears 7

Mrs. Lay (Lead)
Miss Reese
Mrs. Beagley
Mrs. Abbott
Mrs. Blackburn
Grizzly Bears 8 Mrs. Valentine (Lead)
Mr. Olsen
Mrs. Powers
Mr. Layton
Ms. Mallory
Kodiak Bears 8 Mrs. McDonald (Lead)
Mr. Otto
Mrs. Hamilton
Mrs. Loveridge