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Halloween Costume Guidelines

Posted in News & Announcements

Halloween Costume
On Tuesday, Oct. 31st, students can wear Halloween Costumes.  When working with your student to select a costume, please remember dress code will still be in effect.  Here are some guidelines:
  • No masks or full face paint.  We need to be able to identify students even in costumes.
  • Costumes that are provocative, revealing, sexual in nature or employ questionable props are not permitted.
  • Costumes that depict violence, alcohol, or drugs are not permitted.  Fake (or real) weapons are not allowed.
  • Costumes that can be offensive or perpetuate a stereotype of someone‚Äôs culture, gender, heritage or religion are not permitted.
  • Costumes should not hinder your ability to participate in classes, including PE or hinder your ability to move through the hallways in a safe manner. 
  • And as always the costumes or dressings up is optional.  Students wearing questionable costumes will be asked to modify their costumes to make them appropriate for school. If you have any questions regarding the appropriateness of your costume idea, we encourage you to speak with a teacher, counselor or administrator.